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How Patronism Works For Artists

What is Patronism?

Patronism is the simplest and most effective fan engagement platform.

Our unique blend of features allows you to earn a living by serving your fans. No other platform is easier to use.

Replaces lost album sales

Patronism was designed in the search for an answer to "How can I make a living as a musician when fans no longer buy CDs?"

Patronism puts value back into your music by moving away from album sales and to fan-supported subscriptions.

Create a monthly salary

Not all of your fan base will become patrons.

But by serving those fans who want to be patrons, you can create a more stable income than from album and merchandise sales.

Getting Started

No upfront costs, no signup fees.

We pass 85% of the subscription on to you. We cover storage, streaming, and credit card processing fees for you.

Why use Patronism?

Other platforms simply get in the way of you being a musician. Patronism was designed to maximize what you already do - create and perform great music.

Earn a sustainable living

By serving the patron subset of your fanbase, you can generate a sustainable monthly income and devote more time to being a musician.

Highest payout

We pass 85% of the subscription on to you and never make a claim on your music rights.

Let us do the work

You've got music to make and fans to entertain. Let us worry about maintaining websites and adding new features.

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How Patronage Is Different

Making Minimum Wage:

For a SOLO artist to make U.S. minimum wage on different platforms an artist must:

  • Sell 155 self produced albums per month via Amazon or CD Baby. That's over 1,700 CDs each year. Keep in mind that only 5% of musicians EVER sell over 1,000 albums.
  • Sell 12,388 tracks per month on iTunes.
  • Reach 880,000 plays per month on Rhapsody.
  • Reach 1.5 million plays per month on
  • Reach 4.5 million plays per month on Spotify.
(data from and David McCandless)

Or they can have 137 patrons with an average subscription of $10.00 per month and out-earn them all.

Micro-patronage really adds up:

Patronage directly empowers musicians to do more.

  • A $2/month subscription is the same as if a fan bought three CDs per year.
  • A $5/month subscription covers one professional guitar tune-up per year, but a fan would have to buy 10 of their CDs to provide that same tune-up.
  • With a $10/month subscription a patron can provide two hours in a professional studio per year. That's like buying 20 CDs per year.
  • Seven patrons at $10/month can cover one studio-quality microphone per year so that artist can produce better recordings at home. The same number of fans would have to buy 140 CDs from that artist.
  • $15/month covers two sets of strings per month.
  • $20/month covers half a day in a studio per year.
  • $50/month covers a full day in a studio per year.

How much artists really make on the sale of a CD:

Many fans prefer to purchase an artist's CD, but artists make very little on the sale of an album, anywhere from 30 cents, a typical record label deal, to $1.00 if the artist has a REALLY GOOD record label deal. In the best case scenario an artist can make $7.00-$8.00 per CD if they self produced the album. (This amount does not cover studio time, just the physical cost of making the CD.)

More dollars to the artists:

Artists receive 85% percent of the revenue collected by Patronism. Out of the remaining 15% we handle payment processing, streaming, hosting and site development costs, as well as deliver a host of resources to the artists to help grow their careers.