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Video from Jess Klein

Jess Klein speaks with Jon Dee Graham about Patronism from Jess Klein on Vimeo.

Intro Message from Jess Klein

 In the 20 years that I have been writing songs, singing and playing shows, a lot of changes have taken place in the music business.  But the one constant in my life has been my relationship with my fans.

Creative careers come with ups and downs.  Sometimes the reviews are great, and sometimes there’s no review.  Sometimes a lot of people are telling you what to do next, and sometimes the future looks like a big, intimidating blank canvas.  Trying to please tastemakers, record labels, publishers and one’s own worst critic can easily make a person feel lost.  It can (and occasionally does) make me want to shut myself off from the world and hide under a rock.

But when I write, when I sing and play songs for people who want to listen, I feel aligned with something much greater than day to day worries.  I feel found.  I feel the world is boundless.  I am doing what I should with my life, and - amazingly - it connects me to people.  It connects me to you.    

To me, my relationship with you is the perfect symbiosis.  I am so grateful to everyone who has written to me, bought a song, come to a show, come to 5 shows, told a friend. Perhaps most incredible to me is that collectively you have funded the recording of my last two albums.   I feel grateful to be providing you with something you value.

I am joining Patronism because I want to deepen our relationship.

I want to offer you a chance to help me continue making music on an ongoing basis.  As a patron, you’ll get access to my new songs and videos months before anyone else.

You’ll also get all of my back catalog that I own.

Additionally, I want to let you in on my creative process.  I probably start 5 songs for every 1 that I actually perform onstage.  But I often feel a bit sad to throw certain lines or ideas into the bin.  I want to share some of these with you here.  Maybe a comment you make will help me see one of these pieces in a different light, or spur a completely different song. 

I am also joining Patronism for selfish reasons: l want to stay creative and inspired when I am off the road.  Having a commitment to provide you with something artistic each MONTH/WEEK? will help keep me on track.  I want an excuse to write more, sing more, make more poems, videos, observations, because that is what I do best. 

I’m really looking forward to this!  I hope you’ll join me.  It’s gonna be a fun ride!

About the Band / Bio

For over a decade, Jess Klein’s gutsy folk-pop has been embraced by tastemakers from Tokyo to London, from Australia to her new home state of Texas. Graced with one of the most enviable voices in Americana music, Jess is equally at ease with a sultry whisper or a rock’n’roll wail. 

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