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Intro Message from Hedda Layne

Hello to everyone!

I want to let you know about a fabulous new way to get our music, create a deeper connection, and get more of what you love.

Patronism is a new music site that we are very fortunate to be involved with.  Patronism allows you to directly support me and the Hedda Layne Show at any level you choose. In return, you get access to the entire Hedda Layne library on Patronism and you will be helping us make new music.
The library will include not only all of my released albums, but other newly accessible media that was previously unavailable. We will include unreleased tracks, live tracks, advance new releases, photos, videos and podcasts. This way, you can become a vital part of my music through your support, interaction and by spreading the word to others.
Your monthly patronage will get you access to all of my music on Patronism. Your support will enable me to spend more time in quality recording studios, to improve the production of the live performances and allow you to be a passionate partner in doing what we love.




About the Band / Bio

Hedda Layne is a woman of many moods, talents and looks.   And whether she’s belting out soulful gospel sounds, high-energy dance tracks or moody electro-lounge numbers, when you hear Hedda, you better get ready to move.  She is versatile in her singing styles covering everything from classical, jazz, cabaret, lounge, new age, soul, funk, blues and gospel.  A singer of extraordinary range, Hedda’s voice is perfectly matched by the work of her longtime collaborator  and husband Troy Lee Warden. Troy is a gifted musician in his own right, but it is when he builds the soundscapes for his muse that the magic really happens.
Hedda Layne, a native Texan born in San Antonio has performed live throughout the United States.
Hedda Layne’s musical journey has globally produced legions of loyal followers‚ fans of her music and fanatics of her electrifying performances.  For Hedda Layne live is more than a show, it is an experience. Whether in intimate clubs, throbbing dance bars or in front of an outdoor crowd of 100,000 (when she performed with the Austin Symphony Orchestra on the Fourth of July at Zilker Park), Hedda makes you feel like you are the only one there; that she is singing directly to you. You move to her beats, groove to her rhythms, captured by her stage presence.
Her music is positive, enlightening, uplifting and encouraging no matter your race, color, creed, nationality, sexual orientation or economic status.  Her influences include, but not limited to Lena Horne, Liza Minnelli , Diane Schuur and Barbra Streisand.  She draws from her many life experiences as well as the experiences of those who love and support her therefore having created a dedicated following.

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